Saturday, August 24, 2013

The best secret beach in Northern BC and perhaps the world!

For the week of July 22nd, I went on an out trip with work. We took some students from camp, to Nation Lakes. Nation Lakes is a provincial park about 80 km outside of Fort Saint James, which is a small town in Northern BC. 
Me and a friend chilling at Onion Point

The place we camped at for two of the nights was the best beach I had ever been to in Canada. It was called Onion Point, and it took a few hours to canoe to from base camp. The reason it is called Onion Point is because there are a lot of Green Onions that grow out of the ground, which you can eat, and tastes really good! There were also lots of Saskatoon Berries to eat, but we only caught one big trout, as we weren't in the right area of the lakes to fish.
Fishing creeks is best in the summer because the water is coldest there, meaning that the fish are more willing to bite you hooks! For two days we hung out on the beach, canoeing around and exploring, playing way to much Frisbee, which was fun because it was a completely sandy beach, so we could dive into the water to make catches, and run bare footed along the mile long beach without worrying about stepping on anything. We would swim until sun set, as it was hot everyday, and in the evening after swimming you could warm up at the fire.
The stars were so clear it was worth staying up to see them. I would really recommend
this spot to anyone looking for a beach vacation in Northern BC! Oh yeah the best part is we didn't see anyone else for four days!

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Esha Anand said...

Ciaran, this looks amazing. Seemed like a little hole in the wall with it being so remote. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

PS-you are motivating me to keep a blog lol which I've been meaning to do for ages!