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Life of a hitch hiker!

The week of the 14th-20th of July, I was planning on hitching hiking my way from Prince George all the way to Kaslo BC, a 12 hour drive to the south west corner of British Columbia. My plan was to go work on a cattle ranch for the week, as I met a really interesting guy through work who said I would love Kaslo as there were a lot of young people there running their own farms, and the place was stunningly beautiful with tall mountains and crystal clear rivers. I left work at about 3pm on Monday, getting dropped off on the highway just south of Prince George. The first car that drove by stopped to give me a ride, which was awesome, as I had just spent the last day of work getting bugged by the youth at camp that I wouldn't get picked up and I would spend my week sleeping on the highway!

Me and my pack for the week leaving work

The guy who picked me up was working as a carpenter on the new RCMP building in Prince George, and to be honest, I had to move my legs above a sea of garbage to sit down. Anyways he was a nice guy who lived out in the sticks on some property with his family. He said he was given the lead role to run the RCMP building project. One thing I thought was that I hope he isn't in charge of the clean up crew! I only rode with the ride for about 20 minutes and he dropped me off in Hixon (yes that is the name of the town, and yes they sell fireworks, cigars and Tequila at the gas station). A 20 year old lady picked me up in Hixon after about 15 minutes and drove me to Quesnel where she was living. She had to drive back and forth from Quesnel to Prince George three times a week to see a physio therapist, to recover from a car crash she was in earlier in the year; fortunately we did not crash :D She dropped me off at the North end of Quesnel, and I got another ride from a guy who dropped me off at the other end of Quesnel. He tried to convince me to stay for the week for Billy Barker Days, as it was the best place to be for a bunch of crazy events going on. The coolest event I wish I could have seen was the Crash to Pass. It is a car race, where you have to crash into your opponents in order to get by them. Locals spend a lot of time fixing and modifying cars throughout the year to enter into this event. I hope I get to watch this or be in it some time in the future!
A place on the side of the rode where I stood waiting for a ride

The next guy who picked me up drove me a good four hours all the way to Cache Creek. His name was Adam and he kept me laughing for most of the ride. Adam is from Chillawack, is 27 years old, and works as a driller on the oil rigs up north. Every three weeks or so he drives from up north back to Chillawack for 10 days where he has his wife and two kids. He spent a lot of time describing life up in the oil fields, and about how much he loves and hates it. The best part though, was him telling me about his past and current romances. 

 If you are not interested in hearing about messed up relationships not unsimilar to those seen on reality TV please skip the next two paragraphs! (It is a long story, and the rest of the blog has some awsome stuff!)

When Adam was 14, he decided to go out with this girl, because all his friends had girlfriends, so he thought he should to. It was awesome for the first 8 months, but after that he realized that he didn't like the girl he was with. But Adam being the nice guy that he is, didn't want to be mean, so he kept seeing this girl all the way through high school, not really liking her but staying with her anyways. After high school finished, one day at 18 years old, Adam got high with another guy from work, and the other guy and Adam decided it would be a good idea for Adam to propose to his girlfriend. Adam decided that he would go out that night and buy a ring for his girlfriend and propose to her. He went to the Shoppers Drug Mart, and found a $5 plastic ring (because he didn't have much money). He went to pay for the ring with his debit card, but it said “insufficient funds”. He went into his wallet to pay in cash, but only had $2. He convinced the cashier lady that he needed this ring, as he was about to get married, and could not, not have the ring! The cashier (a 40 year old lady) agreed to chip in the extra $3 so he could get married. He then ran over to Little Ceasers (a fast food pizza joint) where his girlfriend was at work, and took her out to the back, and sat her down on an upside down milk-crate that people used to smoke on during breaks. He then knelled down in what Adam describes literally as a “pile of dried vomit” from the night before, and proposed to his girlfriend with the ring from Shoppers Drug Mart. He says that he couldn't afford “a real ring”, but it wasn't an excuse to not get married because you cannot put a price tag on love!! He promised a year from today he would buy her a “proper ring”. She agreed to marry him and was VERY excited! Adam and his now Fiance; moved up to Fort Nelson ( a two day drive north), where his girl friend worked as a waitress and him as a kitchen manager at a pizza place. At this point he still was not really into his girlfriend (I mean fiance), but didn't want to create problems, and wanted to check out a new place, so it was a good fit?!? Anyways the two of them lived up there together and became good friends with the people at work. Adam described to me this extremely good looking 18 year old girl who worked at the pizza place, and who was best friends with his girlfriend, and who was also into Adam!?! Adam really liked this girl, but would not do anything with her because he was now married! One night Adam, his fiance and this girl were coming home sharing a cab together from a party, and were just hammered! All three were in the back seat, and Adam was on one side, next to his shorter fiance in the middle, and the girl on the other seat. Adam started moving his hand over the other 18 year old girls body while his girlfriend sat in the middle not having an idea of what was going on. The other girl kept shaking her head “no” as his girl friend was right there, but he said he continued.... His girlfriend didn't find out and life went on after that as normal. Two weeks later Adam and his fiance threw a birthday party for this girl at there house. During the party the girl started crying in front of everyone and the guests didn't know what was happening so they asked her what was wrong. She ended up telling everyone , and what happened in the cab ride and how bad she feels! Adam, being one to avoid conflict, decided to lie, and convinced everyone that this 18 year old girl was lying, and it was a sick ploy to get him and his fiance to break up, so this girl could have Adam to herself!!; as she had apparently done this before many times. Everyone liked Adam, and seeing how he was engaged and “in love”, couldn't see him doing this, so they believed Adam and then shunned this girl. At this point Adam was sure he was going to break up with his fiance, but just need to figure out how! A week later Adam bought the $1000 ring he had promised his girlfriend a year ago. The two to them went back to Chilawack for Christmas sooner after. At this point Adam broke up with his Fiance, who called everyone in Fort Nelson telling them what Adam had done, and how bad he was! Apparently she even black mailed him, trying to get him to come back by telling his parents all the horrible things he did growing up and even that he did drugs! Lets just say that Adam did not go back to Fort Nelson.

Adam was completely done with girls at this point. A few weeks later Adam got dragged to his sisters birthday party, where he met a beautiful German lady. He took her on a date the next week to McDonalds, and then to his buddies house to smoke weed. They spent everyday for the rest of the summer together, and he would drive 4 hours a day after and before work just to see her. Anyways long story short they are now married with two kids, and he speaks fluent German and seems like a really respectable guy!

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Waking up, after a night of sleeping under the stars above Cache Creek
I wasn't sure about putting this story in here, but decided to do it to try and show my readers some of the awesome conversations one can have while hitch hiking! I got dropped off at 9pm in Cache Creek. I took an hour wandering around town and finally found a spot on the side of a hill over looking town to sleep under the stars in my sleeping bag. The next morning I got a ride from a 30-40 year old lady who was a professional singer. She dropped me off in Kamloops.

For the rest of the day I waited in Kamloops in plus 30 degree weather, and no one would  pick me up! I probably sat on the road for about 7 hours in the hot hot heat with my heavy back pack. People would pretend not to see me, or they would wave and keep driving. The best one was this old Chinese lady who gave me the universal signal for hand job, but I guess she didn't like what she saw; cause she kept on driving to! I thought of trying different things, such as dancing, giving out free cup cakes, and throwing various inappropriate objects at windshields, but decided against all, as it was to dam hot and it would be hard to run away as my back pack was heavy! About 2 hours before dark I said “screw it”, Kaslo is not meant to be, and tried hitch hiking back to Cache Creek. After a $30 taxi ride across town and out to the highway, and another hour of sitting on the side of the road, can you believe: a car stopped for me!!!!!!!

 It was an Aboriginal couple who had spent the day in Kamloops and were on there way back to Liloett. Cal the passenger had been out fishing in the morning with a net and caught 8 big Sockeyes. This was illegal, and he was spotted by fisheries. He then spent the next hour running from tree to tree with his garbage bag full of sockeye salmon, and somehow to his surprise, got away! He then distributed the fish to families in his community, then got out of town! Anyways I got back to Cache Creek with them, but Cal advised me that I should set up my tent, as there are a lot of rattle snakes in the area and I don't want to get bitten! Wish I had known that the night before eh! Anyways got back on the hill, set up my tent, and then passed out, hoping never ever to go back to Kamloops in my life!!!

 The next day I put my mind to hitch hiking down to Vancouver for the week to spend time visiting my family and friends! It took about an hour in the rain, but finally got picked up, by two really cool 19 year old girls! The reason I say this, is because it doesn't usually happen to me that I will get picked up by females, but especially ones that are young and not scary looking! They ended up being really interesting people, living in Willams lake, one working as a mechanic on a mine, and the other at a gym. They were on there way to Chillawack for the week to visit one of the girls families and to have fun in the city! I was the first hitch hiker they had ever picked up, and they said they wanted to pick me up because they have a secret desire to hitch hike themselves and want to live life on the “wild side”. I was disappointed because I thought people picked me up for my good looks! Anyways they thanked me for not murdering them, and I told them no problem, my knives and handcuffs are too deep in my big backpack to bother anyways! It was really cool to meet Danya and Lorissa because they are doing so much with their lives, going out and exploring,being open minded, having a lot of fun and working hard! They dropped me off in Hope. From there I got another ride into Vancouver from a cool 21 year old dude who did forestry work out in Hope, but had just spent the week dirt biking and camping with his co-workers! He suggested I check out a country bar Roosters in Maple Ridge that had topless mechanical bull riding on Wednesday and cheap wings! What an awsome life, dirt biking and cheap wings!
The two girls Dayna and Lorissa who picked me up. Dayna took this picture and sent it to me, she posted it on Instagram, so excited for picking up her first hitch hiker!

I won't get into much detail about what I did in Vancouver, as this blog is already quite long! Sorry for not having updated this blog sooner, I will try to get on that better, but one thing about going on these adventures is I often don't have internet, but it isn't an excuse!

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