Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Things I have learned from traveling the world

1-How to be more like myself: One of the major reasons I like traveling is because it allows me to do the things I want to do, because I don't have commitments: ie- plans to meet people, to show up to work, to pay bills, appointments, etc. It has really allowed me to realize what I like to do, because especially when you are completely alone you choose what you want to do, and you don't need to do things you don't want to, as you don't get input from other people because they are not there. I realized I really really like:
Doing what I want, not what is expected

-Hanging out with kids and youth and having fun with them ie: playing soccer, organizing games, motivating them in their lives. I have done this a lot in Canada as well through social work, but to just say go play hide and seek with some random kids in Canada would be looked down upon as creepy, but if you look at it from an outside perspective, due to this belief we are doing a disservice to Western children, as when it is considered wrong to show affection to children due to the risk of looking like a creep, children grow up with less love and fewer adults in their lives, is that what we want people?!?! (feel free to troll this comment :p)
I should think that if you always surround yourself with kids you will always be happy

- Farming: Working/ living on farms is such a perfect way of life. It allows me to get back to a somewhat simple life, just going out to work on a field all day, planting, harvesting, milking goats etc. There is no feeling like a hard days work, and then looking up at night and seeing the stars and not having to go anywhere, but enjoy the fresh air. It is what people around the world emulate by going to the gym, eating organic, going for hikes, playing team sports to work with others on a common goal- Just go live on a farm and you will be content, or should be!
I fed these dinner most nights all summer
- People: Traveling on a limited budget forced me to really rely on people. For example I flew into Jakarta Indonesia without knowing much about the place or anyone in the country. I trusted a man I met online to meet me in a slum at 2am in the morning, where he would bring me to his house to stay with him for the week (I have had many experiences like this). It has made me realize that all people are generally good and want to help you. It has made me so interested in everybody I meet, and to learn about how they think, and why. Psychology is awesome and I am fascinated by it!

Learning how to cook Maize in Zambia
2- How to be resourceful: You really learn to be resourceful when on the road on a budget. Using things like Craigslist to find work, people, things to do. Learning where to hitchhike from on the side of the road, how to sell yourself (not like that you little perv!) on the side of the road to be able to get a car to stop to pick you up (look sharp as a tack, smile, have a sign where you want to go, stand where there is lots of time for the car to see you and where they have to slow down and can pull over). Also I have learned to ask for things I need a lot more: place to sleep, food to eat, can I join, etc. The worst people can do is say no, so don't be afraid to ask for what you want, you might even get it!

3- Be a kid for life: The things we did or do as children is still the funnest things to do as adults. Climbing trees and playing tag is still awesome, just like making secret hand shakes, playing games, playing on swings, making new friends, etc. Why would we ever stop these things? A good quote "The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart".
Kids are happy the world over. As Winston Churchill says: "Never, never, never stop being a kid :p"

4- Every action you take is important to your life as a whole: I have learned that suffering allows you to enjoy things when you have them: ex: Camping in the rain for a week really makes you appreciate a public pool hot tub! When I was in China someone described a Chinese Philosophy that goes: life is like a loop in a line, sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. When I go through pain/ suffering I now view it as necessary to get to where I want to go. For example I am much more okay now with being alone and I don't now always try to make sure I surround myself with people, because I realize that when I one day will again be around people, I will be filled with enthusiasm and joy to be with them, and cherish our relationship that much more. I will take action to allow me to connect with them on a deeper level (ie: stay off my cell phone when around others,try to accomplish things together with others ie: go hiking, build a business together, volunteer, make food, etc).

6- Take action: I realize now that it is so easy to do things once you are in the process of doing it. For example I booked a plane ticket to Iceland and just went and had an amazing experience. This is something I have wanted to do my whole life, and I made the decision 15 years later and just booked my plane ticket and went over and things worked out great! Things are only a big deal if you make them a big deal, "don't put "travel" (or whatever it is you want to do) on a pedastool". Get it done!

7- Sing and dance: After going to Africa and Asia and being forced into singing karaoke and dancing two things that are often times seen as different for grown men to do here (although not always), I realized I really like to do both as they are an energy release and just really make you feel great! I suggest you try singing and dancing when ever you get a chance! Sing in the shower, learn an instrument, sign up to sing at karaoke, take dance lessons or just go dance at parties, at clubs, in the street, in your room! Check this video out and follow along: Crazy Christmas Dance song Film yourself trying to dance to this and post it to a link in the comment section below for yours and my entertainment ;)
They love to dance everywhere in the Philippines! 

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Yaz said...

Ciaran! I was not even aware of what you are up to out there in the world. Good for you!
I can agree to all of the things you've listed. Sure you will come to even more rewarding insights - keep it up!

Blue skies,