Saturday, August 23, 2014

Singapore- What your life is like in the future

My first night in Singapore, stayed in a hostel, and these were my three roommates for the next few days. Had a great night out, went to this bridge where there were probably about 1000 people hanging out having drinks. Ended up at what is ranked one of the top 5 clubs in the world- It was nice, but my opinion after experiencing it, its not a huge deal, at the end of a day the people make a place, which it actually did in this case! It was cool that the two guys on the right were both into making electronic music, and the German on the far right was responsible for booking world famous DJ's and often had to travel the world going shows for work! What a good life! He really introduced me to electric music that night, and it is sweet dancing to it, because you can do no wrong, and it just makes everything positive!

Singapore: Amazing, inspiring, cutting edge architecture, so many people in such a small place, so many cultures, and so much going on!!! But it doesn't seem nearly as busy as other places close by in Asia due to the height of their buildings and exceptional design of the city. The only first world country in the area, English speaking, and placed on an island about 60 km squared, connected by bridge to Malaysia, and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the south with the Philippines and Indonesia in the far distance.

Imagine a place where buildings you dreamed of as a kid, or that you seen playing Halo or watching Avatar existed in real life- This is Singapore: Three highrises connected by what I would call a space ship landing platform on top where you can go swimming, check out a garden, go for your morning run, or relax and have a cocktail:

From the inside, they have big theater shows and a Casino, like a Las Vegas in Asia

A view over the side from the top- Imagine playing a soccer game on the ocean!

Imagine a mall with a canal, where boats come through...............

Food courts where you can get everything from turtle soup to Pig feet for about $10:
This guy worked like a boss, there was a line up for his food about 20 people strong

Singapore has a lot of young people living there from around the world, with a lot of them working in the financial sector. I have a friend named Anthony who I had met in Guatemala hiking up a volcano a few years ago, and then again in New York City. He is from Singapore and had gotten sponsored by his government to go study in London/ New York for his degree, in exchange for coming back after and working for the government running the countries water system which he does now. 
Anthony gave me a world class VIP tour of his country
One of the crazy attractions, these tree like structures were built and these plants are growing all over them, at night they light up and you can walk from future tree to future tree. Again one of those things a kid would think of and designed by a world class architect

The two dome shaped things are indoor botanical gardens

A view from a large field where people were flying these huge toy airplanes, that were so loud and big it was scary sometimes when they would come near your head. I see a ferries wheel, a indoor jungle, and a crazy bridge, what do you see?

 Me and Jake from London spent an afternoon biking around the outside of Singapore along the ocean. It said no swimming but I went anyways, I hope the cameras in the forest didn't catch me (seriously this place is like big brother).

Overall Singapore is one of those places that everyone would enjoy due to the high energy of the people and the inspirational architecture, and perfect weather. Its very safe, as the penalties for crime are high, such as the death penalty for having drugs on you. Spend three days here to see the place, or come work here to experience it and never be bored again! The airport is huge and is a hub for this part of the world. Make sure you stop over here on your way to where ever you are going! Feel free to comment on my blog and let me know what you think :)
What old Singapore looked like (not that long ago, it got built up in a large part due to American influence, before this, it was like everywhere else in the region)

The subway
Singaporeans work a lot. My friend often would have to work from morning until night if his worked asked, and they don't pay overtime..... imagine that, not for me. That was one cultural difference I noticed about Singapore, they work a lot more then the average Canadian or European. 
One of my upcoming destinations to visit my good friend Alston who I grew up with

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