Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Krabi Thailand, go off main street to find hidden paradise and adventure

I left Dave after that as he was hitch hiking to Malaysia, and I was headed towards Krabi to do some deep water soloing (rock climbing without ropes: when you fall you fall into the ocean below). I hitch hiked the 200 kms, took me about four hours. I was impressed with the kind of hearts of those who stopped to offer me rides. One couple even offered me money (I am assuming they thought I was down on my luck because I wasn't on the bus), but of course I am not going to take people's money because I am hitch hiking to meet local people and learn more about Thailand/ get to my destination quicker and easier often times. People were quite interested in where I was from, with the most common questions being what my job was. When I rode in the back of truck beds, many other drivers would point at me and laugh/ smile and wave, with one truck full of workers even waving there Thai flags and blowing there whistles of the protest movement and cheering to me.
Pictures on the road to get to Krabi in the back of a pickup

Krabi is a medium sized town on the ocean. I met a girl named Caroline from Sweden on top of this giant temple called Tiger Temple and we decided to go exploring together. She has a very interesting story and has been traveling to a lot of places and works as a model and professional dancer. A boat driver named Mohamed offered to take us around and see the Robinson Crusoe cave and some islands, for about $20 each. We accepted, and had an amazing afternoon. We went to a deserted desert island to swim and relax, fed monkeys, saw a wild Iguana, went to this crazy fish farm where I fed snapping turtles, and some different scary fish, explored these serisouly amazing caves, and there were very few other tourists around. Unforutnately I don't have a lot of pictues as Caroline took them, and was supposed to give them to me, but we lost contact becuase when I was supposed to meet her the a few days later I couldn't get out of bed because I was shivering and puking due to food poisoning and I am assuming she thought I bailed :p

On my way to Tiger Temple, I thought this was it, but there was no one else here, and it was still under construction and closed. Glad I don't read Thai, and I got up early, as it was really cool and a bit scary being so high up a lone and without railings

The temple under construction beside Tiger Temple

The steps up to Tiger temple (over 300). These Thai ladies stopped me on the way up to take many photo's, I guess I am famous :p

The big Budda on top of Tiger Temple

Caught a wild cat, monkey, and dog all in the same picture

Thailand's number 1 guide, Mohamed! Aboard our private long tail boat the Musira!

In the background is the Robinson Crusoe Cave (the pointy mountain under my right hand)

Inside one of the caves

Bats, there were 1000's

Above the cave

 Krabi is an awesome town, I only spent 2 nights there though, as I then took a boat to Tonsai (next post). I would highly recommend this place, and doing the adventure I described above. There is also a great night market, with amazing food, music, clothes, and other things to keep you busy. Lot's of bars, clubs and places to hang out and meet people as well, both foreign and local. Make sure you stop here for a day or two on your way to the amazing islands close by.

Awesome tropical shakes for around a $1 US

My new Tattoo (will last for two weeks)

Krabi Night Market

The local Karaoke stage

Some new friends I met, Tony on the right invited me to join them to eat

They like to beef up there cars and have huge sound systems

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