Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sqaumish Chief- Multipitch Rock climbing one of the most famous climbs in the world!

A view from the top of the Chief
A few weeks ago, I went down to the Coast of BC as I had a chance to rock climb the chief, something I had wanted to do for a long time, and one of the most famous climbs in the world. A friend who has experience climbing it before invited me to join her and a friend, so I took them up on it, although I have never climbed more then single pitch rock.
The highest point in the southern Cariboo near 100mile on the way down from Prince George
Big horn sheep, the first one I have seen on this road (near Cache Creek)
A herd of mountain goats, the most I have ever seen from this close (there were 15)

The climb started out pretty cool, and I think we did about 10 pitches in total (means we tied and untied the rope at 10 different spots).
The most sketchy part of the climb was the vertical rock that I had to cross Horizontally for about 10 meters. All I had to hold myself was a small crack for my feet to shuffle through, that only fit my toes, and if I fell, I would have swung like a pendulum the whole way. I hugged my cheek to the rock and got it done without falling!
Chilling on a ledge half way up the chief. Mark in the back has been doing mountaineering and big climbs for years and is trying to work as an out trip leader for NOLS (Maybe this publicity will get him the job, he was a great trip leader!)

Rock climbing is not my favorite outdoor activity because it requires so much traveling to get to rocks, a lot of time setting up and watching others, and doing the same old over and over again to get better at it. But the chief was a cool adventure because it was all new to me, and quite difficult to do, and I got to see spots I would not be able to see unless I climbed up. That being said a lot of people love rock climbing, and I can see why.
On the way down the Chief after a day of climbing
At one section an American and a British guy passed us. There were also two separate people who passed us on the climb who did not have ropes and were free climbing! About two weeks ago someone died doing the same climb without ropes on the Chief! Good for them though, I support adventure, but I personally wouldn't climb it freely, as I am okay with accepting death as a consequence for the right cost, but I would rather learn how to do a gainer off the 10 meter, or die in an avalanche snowmobiling, or get attacked by pirates while sailing if I am going to risk my life :p
Overall it was a good day, we climb for about 10 hours. What I learned from the trip was that you need to be prepared and know your gear to do this kind of activity. There are a lot of awesome adventures out there to do, but they take planning, time, and you need to find away to get everything you need. It is definitely possible though, and I hope it motivates you as it does me, to get out there and explore the world and if your lucky your back yard!

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Cassandra Whelan said...

Nice! I didn't even know you did this climb! The part about this post where you talk about how you would be more willing to die in other adventurous scenarios gave me a laugh. I like rock climbing because I'm super wimpy but super determined about it so I end up feeling pretty accomplished after :) haha Anyways great post!