Thursday, September 12, 2013

Argo Mission: Get lost and or stuck

Base camp for Argo Mission!
Last week, me and my friend Dominique, took an Argo into the great wilderness of North British Columbia! Dominique asked me if I would be interested in going on a trip with her 8 wheel motor vehicle that drives on land and floats on water. Hard sell, but  I decided to go! We took trails from the Prince George Snowmobile club, and we started are own two member Argo club. On the map, you could take snowmobile trails all the way to Wells (140km) through the bush. We followed that trail to feel like olden day gold rush settlers.Hiking, skiing, pedal biking, driving, and crab walking are all fun ways to get around, but getting around in an Argo is on a whole other level of fun. Picture sitting in a seat out in the open, turning the handle of the throttle, and this 8 wheel machine moving you very fast across gravel, sand, mud, water etc. You become king of the forest!
Rough riders!

The first night we camped out on this open area, cooked sausages, corn and potatoes over the open fire, and watched the stars til we fell asleep. The next day we continued on another 20km to Frost Lake, where there was a horse shelter, where we stayed for another night! The lake had so many fish they never stopped jumping. When Dom went swimming, fish were biting her toes, but I guess mine were to smelly cause I never had a problem. It rained hard that night, and there was a ton of thunder and lighting. It didn't matter though because we were in a shelter with a wood stove, and had fire roasted corn, sausages and potatoes for another night.
Good morning Argo
Cooking it up!
Ripping it!!!!
Camp for night two

The next morning excited to continue on, the Argo wouldn't start. Me being the horrible mechanic I am couldn't figure out what was wrong, and Domanique couldn't either. We had not run into anyone else for two days, so the chances of us finding anyone to help was very slim. So, working at camp with youth in the wilderness, we do what we do best, and left the Argo and walked 25km back to the snowmobile club house. It took about 5 hours, but I honestly didn't mind the walk as I was so stoked about driving the argo, and the nature around me and the good conversations we had made time pass fast!
I guess this guy got stuck to

When we got to the clubhouse, there was an army guy target practicing with his new gun. He let us use his phone to call someone, but there was no answer. As we walked away, he asked if we needed a ride, we said if it's not a problem for you. He said: “you already walked 25km, I am not going to let you walk anymore, that's Bull shit!” Can't say I couldn't agree with the guy. The army guy happened to be a mechanic in the army, and had worked on a lot of Argo's (what's the chances). Now if only the Argo wasn't stuck out in the middle of nowhere he could help us figure it out! After describing to him what was wrong, he told us it was probably that the battery died.
Rescue mission

The next day we went out with Dom's Grandpa and my friend in their trucks to try and rescue the Argo. We found out about some old logging roads that could get us to Frost lake. The drive out there was very sketchy, but a lot of fun. Some of the narrowness and steepness of the hills were crazy, but was glad to make it. We also had to snap a couple of trees blocking the road which is now a guilty pleasure of mine. We put in a new battery on the Argo and drove it out!

I have had experiences of motor toys breaking down on me before and have had to walk back. My only advice is plan on whatever your driving, to break down, and enjoy the walk back, or learn how to fix them. If it doesn't break down its a bonus! Get out there and go on your own motor vehicle adventures, there's nothing quite like it!

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