Friday, May 24, 2013

OUR ECO Village overnight- May.24th, 2013 (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)

This week I stayed close to home. I did go to Vancouver Island on Wednesday to visit my aunt and then visit my friend at O.U.R Eco Village. It's crazy how I found out about the place. I was talking to my friend over in Germany asking him for tips on how to learn about farming as I want to start my own farm. He sent me a link to this Youtube video, to OUR ECO village, in which people live together in a commune and share resources, labor on the farm, and food. I thought the place was in the Okanagon because it looked hot and dry. About a month later I see a picture posted on my friends wall of her outside her new trailer at some ECO village. I message her asking her where she is and she happens to be at the same Eco village I heard about online, and it was 30 minutes away from Victoria where I was going to visit. So I went to visit her and another friend who was there with her as well. She let me stay in her triangle trailer, which she didn't think was that cool, but I rather have a triangle than a square any day!; and its way less boring than a box shaped stucco house! There were about 25 people at the farm registered for a 1 month course studying permaculture at the Eco Village when I arrived. When I got to the farm, Acro Yoga was going on so I joined in which was awesome. Some of the positions were foreign to me as you had to hold people in the air with your feet, and I found it funny and hard to hold, and felt bad for laughing and dropping my partner sometimes, but she was good spirited about it! If you don't know what Acro Yoga is, it is like gymnastics mixed with Yoga, and it was actually a really good time, building strength and flexibility; I am definitely gonna get more into it. For dinner it was Vegan food, mainly grown from the sight. The food was surprisingly good for being mainly beans and vegetables. You used raw cabbage leaves, and you wrap them around things like chick peas, kuskus, shredded radish, carrots and other veggies. I had about three plates fulls and was really full and feeling good afterwards. There was a class I sat in on for two hours in the evening talking about oil, food security, and how it affects are world and possible future scenarios that may take place as the amount of oil reserves is reduced. It was very informative and some stimulating conversations. The the guy running the lecture had some really good personal stories about spending time volunteering in Palestine, going to different food and environmental conferences, and using a lot of visuals in his presentation. After class there was a camp fire happening beside the outdoor dining hall where people were playing guitars and banjos. I got to know some really passionate people and hear some really cool stories and discuss philosophy. I slept that night in the triangle trailer, it was actually really cold as there weren't enough blankets, so it took a while to get to sleep- which I didn't really mind after such an awesome stimulating day. I woke up in the morning to the sound of a rooster, but ended up staying in bed and trying to sleep some more. I went on a 40 minute hike up Mount Baldy and ran into at least 10 deer which is good to see nature still exists! After lunch I was shown around the farm a bit more. They call the outhouse the Credit Union where you make deposits, so I dropped off a couple hundreds. There was also a Yert, which is a huge circle tent, that Mongolians lived in, and still often do. It was probably my favourite building on the farm, followed closely by the “Chillage”, an outdoor building made of sand, clay and straw. I left at about 2:30pm and hitchhiked to Nanimo, which took about 2 hours, receiving a free ice cream dipped cone from Dairy Queen and a beer; and believe it or no one tried to kidnap me or do other other mean things! It took me four rides to get there. You can keep just calling me lucky and hitch hiking dangerous, or you can be like me and choose to believe everybody in the world is naturally good, and it's okay to help each other out, as its the best feeling you can get (and better than paying for gas and driving alone)! If you have never been to Vancouver Island make sure you check it out, and I would highly suggest checking out O.U.R Eco Village or getting involved in something like it, as you leave feeling healthy, relaxed and really happy and stoked on life!

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